Event Details

When is the event?

The Data for AI Week 2020 event runs from Monday September 14 through Friday September 18, 2020

How much does this event cost to attend?

The Data for AI Week 2020 event is free for all to attend.

Are events live or pre-recorded?

The Data for AI Week 2020 offers both pre-recorded content that’s available the moment the conference goes live, to be accessed at any time of the day, as well as live sessions that will be delivered to an audience that can interact with the presenters.

What is the time zone for the live events?

All live event start times are listed in United States Eastern Time Zone.

How do I access On-Demand and Live Content?

How can I access event content?

Accessing event content is simple! Just follow these steps:

  • Register for the Data for AI Week 2020 Event
  • The Data for AI Week 2020 event goes live on Monday September 14, 2020 at Midnight US Eastern Time.
  • Once the event is live, simply visit the session that you’re interested in attending. The full list of sessions is available on the Schedule Calendar page as well as the Session Details page.
  • On the session page, you just need to be logged in to view Content. See below for additional details on logging in.
  • To view and interact with Live sessions, see below for more details.

How do I login to access On Demand Content?

Accessing on demand content is simple! Once you’ve registered, simply get a 1-click login email on the page of the session you’re interested in attending.

Look for an email from “Data for AI Week Conference 2020 <info@cognilytica.com>” with the subject “Your login link for Data for AI Week 2020 Virtual Conference”.  You should receive that email after a few minutes. If you don’t see that email please check your spam filters and make sure it has not been blocked.

Once you log in, you should stay logged in for long enough to view the content for the entire event. If you get logged off, just request another login link email and you will be logged back in again.

How do I access the Live Sessions?

You can view and interact with the live sessions right on the page for each session. You will need to make sure you are logged into the event as well as into the Crowdcast system to view live content and interact with the presenters for Q&A.

The first time you access a live session you will need to get a Crowdcast access link. View the Live Welcome Session to get the Crowdcast link here. Just click on the “Connect to Session” button that you see on the screen for a live session. Enter the email address you used to register and you’ll be sent a link to connect to the Crowdcast session.

The system might ask for additional details the first time you access the Crowdcast link if your registration information hasn’t yet propagated. You’ll only need to enter that information once.

Note: Some users are reporting issues with Crowdcast requiring login for each session. If you are experiencing this issue, keep Crowdcast.io logged in and open in one tab as you navigate our site in the other to go from session to session.

Are all live events recorded?

Yes! All live events are recorded for replay.

How can I interact with live sessions?

This conference is for you! As such, we offer many ways to interact with the presenters and content providers.

  • All Live Sessions offer a way to post Questions. Below the video for the session is a button that says “Ask a Question”
  • You can click on the Ask a Question button to post a question for the presenters to answer, or you can comment on questions that are listed or “upvote” the ones you’d like to see answered.
  • Even if the session hasn’t gone live yet, you can post a question for the presenters to address during the session.
  • The replay videos have a cool system where you can click on the question asked and you will be automatically fast forwarded to that part of the replay where the question is answered.
  • This means that even if you can’t make the live session, you can ask your questions ahead of time, and catch the replay when your questions will be answered!
  • Questions will be moderated and inappropriate or promotional comments will be removed.

How do I get access to Expert Sessions?

There are two kinds of expert sessions:

  • Open “Ask Me Anything” style Ask an Expert Sessions that are broadcast live on a scheduled date and time with audience interaction through Q&A. View the session schedule and filter for Ask an Expert Sessions to see the upcoming times. You do not need to pre-register for this. Just join the live session and ask your questions.
  • 1:1 Private Ask an Expert Sessions. Some of the sponsoring companies are making their experts available to be booked for 1:1 expert sessions. View the sponsor pages to see their available time spots. For these 1:1 sessions you will need to pre-register. Spots are on a first come first serve basis so make sure to check these out and sign up if you want to take advantage of this offering.

Additional Details

I’m having technical or other problems. How can I reach someone to get help?

We want to make ourselves as available as possible to help with your needs. After all, this event is for you! Please reach out to us at info@cognilytica.com or through the Contact page. We will respond quickly!